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"Land of Oak and Iron"

Keith Marshall-Ivens

This meeting will be held in PONTELAND SOCIAL CLUB, Merton Way, Ponteland, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE20 9PX starting at 7.30pm
(Entry free to members. Guests are welcome and are invited to make a donation of £2 towards expenses)


Civic Society has produced a booklet describing the photographs of old Ponteland displayed in The Badger. It is available in The Badger but you can also download it as an A4 document here to view or download or to print double sided and fold into an A5 booklet here to view or download.

Northumberland County Council's Ponteland Schools and Leisure Centre Application was approved at a meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee on Thursday 11th January 2018.

The proposal has been cleared by the Secretary of State and is an encroachment into greenbelt. Civic Society has raised concerns about the extent of tree felling which has taken place ahead of detailed planning permission, which might have introduced conditions, and which has had a huge impact on the view from Callerton Lane.

The documents on the NCC planning site do not currently include the usual site plan but the landscaping plan gives a good idea of the layout; the white area is the area to be occupied by the new leisure centre and schools buildings.

Landscape Plan


This Draft Local List is of buildings, open spaces or other local features of value to the community – not otherwise formally ListedClick here to view the list.

Police Headquarters Planning Application

This was made by Bellway in respect of the Police Headquarters site under the reference: 17/02747/REM. It covers a proposal for 258 new dwellings on a Brownfield site.

Ponteland Civic Society's own response can be downloaded by clicking here .

The Bellway proposals include 52 “Affordable” 2 and 3-bed dwellings (said to be “over 20% of the total” and including “Intermediate and Rented” models”); a further 62 x 3-bed dwellings; 140 x 4-bed detached dwellings and just 4 x 5-bed detached dwellings. There are some 17 different designs of house, including terrace and semidetached types, but the overall impression is one of a fairly standard layout with rather predictable traditional houses.

Police Site Plan

The previous Administration was looking for up to 30% of dwellings in a new development to be “Affordable” so it is somewhat disappointing that Bellway are seeking to offer only 20%. However, it may be that the Planners will seek financial contributions under a s106 Agreement or a Community Infrastructure Levy. Since, however, there is a shortage of land for Affordable Housing in and around Ponteland, it may well be preferable to implement such housing as part of approved developments.

It is good to see that the original central grass area has been retained along with the Listed buildings, but everything else is to be demolished – including the original school building which we have proposed for the “Local List” and which could serve as a community facility and/or a local coffee shop.

The site has only one access road – which may have provided security for a Police Headquarters, but could prove highly inconvenient if anything closed or restricted access to the existing road. There is, however, a stub for a possible extension road to the West – probably to the A696 or a possible Relief Road. We think that, if this application is approved, positive plans should be put in hand for the provision of such a road in the future.

There are no pedestrian pathways, apart from those on the edges of the roads, and there are no dedicated cycleways. We can find no pathways or cycleways connecting with Ponteland proper except those via the already-existing single access road. There are no shops, schools, or community facilities to be provided whatever, since it is argued that: “the existing facilities and services within the locality are within 1.5km of the site” and are “easily accessible via existing roads and pathways.”

If, in the future, more housing sites are proposed close to Ponteland without any local schools, shops or other facilities, then this would place an increasing burden on those in Ponteland and, in particular, on the already inadequate car parking in the village. These possibilities need to be addressed and all necessary provisions made.

Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan

The referendum on the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan, held on the 28th of September 2017, confirmed adoption of the plan with 96.1% of those voting in favour and 3.9% against.

You can read a paper copy of the Neighbourhood Plan in the Town Council Office, or you can see it on line by going to the Northumberland County Council website:

The Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan is an excellent document and is more thorough than most of its kind. We should all be grateful to the Plan Group for all their hard work in formulating the Plan and look forward to its having a beneficial influence on the development of our village well into the future.

NCC UPDATE AS AT 28th August, 2017

There has been some concern lately about the lack of information about the changes which the new Administration intends to bring about – including the role of ARCH.

  • We already know that County Hall is not going to move to Ashington – although the former Administration had already spent £2.1m on the project.
  • The Core Strategy has been withdrawn for review by the new Administration.
  • We wait to learn the latest calculations for housing numbers and the related fates of the Banks and Dissington Garden Village planning applications.
  • Confusion continues to surround the proposed new Schools/Leisure Centre but a detailed planning proposal for the site is expected.
  • The sale of the library site to developers is to go ahead

We carry on hoping for the best outcomes.

The Bridleway

The Bridleway is part of the Local Green Spaces designation, which the Civic Society has helped to specify, and such a status can be nearly as powerful as the Green Belt. The Bridleway in question is that part of the old railway line that crosses Callerton Lane and goes on to cross Rotary Way and beyond.

The County Council have ideas about diverting it to facilitate their plans to move the Schools and Leisure Centre, but it is now part of an established footpath, and the Neighbourhood Plan Group would like to see it stay that way.

Ponteland Community Partnership has done some excellent work in maintaining the path and installing information boards.

Callerton Lane Landscape Study

The Society has produced a Landscape Study concentrating on the eastern side of Callerton Lane. We believe that this landscaping makes a huge contribution to the rural feel of Ponteland.

The study can be downloaded by clicking here (8MB).

Requirements for Conservation Areas

There are legal requirements for Conservation Areas and information can be found on the Historic England website.

Older information can be found in our Archive Area click here to view.

Disclaimer: Information is provided in good faith. Ponteland Civic Society uses reasonable endeavours to check the accuracy of information published or made available on this website. You should note however that the Society does not warrant that such information will be error free. Third party information included may not always reflect the views of the Society.

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